Laboratory Information Management System

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What does Data Manager do?


Capture and store metadata related to experiments in an easily searchable manner.


Automated submission and monitoring of mass spectrometry samples.


Automated logging of all raw data files from mass spectrometry experiments and subsequent analysis.


Search datasets for proteins and peptides of interest. Cross analyse protein and peptide results from any dataset.

Data Repository

The Data Manager stores the detailed set of metadata associated with each experiment. This includes, in addition to the basic parameters such as project name, researcher name & laboratory, date etc., the parameters associated with the type of experiment (e.g., Immunoprecipitation analysis, SEC analysis etc.) and parameters in the design of the specific experiment, e.g., cell type/species involved in generating the samples, reagents/buffers used and fractions generated etc.

Data Manager also records details of the hardware/instrumentation configuration used to perform the MS analysis. Thus, a comprehensive description is recorded of the complete experimental setup involved for every sample analysed in every MS run. These detailed metadata represent 'dimensions' in the experiment that can be combined with the output data from the analysed raw MS files (i.e. peptide and protein identifications, SILAC ratios etc.). Data Manager thus creates a comprehensive, searchable proteomics data repository that allows detailed data queries to be performed on any combination of the stored parameters.

By cross analysing datasets generated under similar or different conditions, it is possible to answer broad ranging questions that help us understand proteome dynamics on a multi-dimensional scale.